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Andrew Kelly

Google Voice (primary):360-670-0423      (  <-- use this )
Mobile Phone (alternate):425-651-9581
Mobile Phone (rarely checked): 650-735-2162

The email address is better.
My email takes the scenic route on its way to me.

Mail: 1037 NE 65th St,  #82175
Seattle, WA 98115-6655
Out in the world with the camper... Currently (winter 2024):
10016 Frink Rd,  #34
Niland, CA 92257-9400
The "camper" address is where I'm staying for a bit.
Typically it's southern California in the winter.


Please Note: If you're sending something to the "camper" address, or if you want to show up, please make sure I'm still there - check with me first.
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